3 Steps to Organizing Your Digital Photographs

A lot of people ask me about organizing their digital photos.


They are curious about which photo organizing software is easiest to use.

How to eliminate duplicates?

Which photo editors are best?

Which picture managers should they use?

What exactly is the cloud? Is it safe?

I get it. We all have a lot of digital photos and no real idea how to use the software that comes with our computers. We feel quite overwhelmed. We have thousands of photos and no one to show us what to do. Today, I’m going to give you my three top organizing tips for your digital photos. You can go through the steps in under 20 minutes and you’ll have a great start on organizing your digital photos.


First Step, create a folder on your desktop, titled with the current year. Take a few minutes and add all the photos you took this year into this folder. That means the photos from your phone, your cameras, and your computer. If you took or received a photo this year, put it in the folder.

Second Step
, use duplicate photo finding software to eliminate duplicates. I recommend either photo sweeper or duplicate photo cleaner (read review here). This will prevent you from uploading three of the same photos into your picture management service.


Third Step, upload your folder into your picture management service. I know this is the scariest part but really it shouldn’t be. Your photos aren’t gone. They are just not taking up space on your computer. If you’ve chosen a good service you probably have access to your photo library directly on your phone. I personally use Forever. I have found it to be the easiest, safest way to save my photos. They have a simple to use website and the app is great for sharing photos with my friends and family.

Follow these steps and you will be on your way to digital photo organizing.


About The Hodgepodge Girl

Meghan wants to live in a world where every family is proud of their unique history. As a certified photo organizer, she’s been featured in magazines and online publications. When she’s not organizing the heck out of everything, you can find her enjoying time outside with her family and pocket beagle, Scout. Her next project — The Hodgepodge Girl’s Tips for Organizing Family Print Photos — hits the shelves in mid-2017. Find out how to organize your family’s photos at www.thehodgepodgegirl.com


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