Number One Thing You Can Do To Organize Your Photos



“What is the ONE thing I can do to organize my photos?”

I get it. You’re busy. You know it’s important to take care of your photos but sheesh…can a person get a break? Today I’ll break it down to the #1 thing you can do to organize your photos.

My top, top, top photo organizing advice…or really when it comes to organizing anything…is to get everything in ONE  spot. You cannot know what you have if you don’t know where it all is.

If you have your photos all in one place..voila! You’re on your way to getting organized. But I’m guessing that you have a few gems hidden away. Get sleuthing!

Concentrating all your pictures into one spot is the absolute must first step. If you do nothing else, just get all your photos together. Sounds easy…right???

I’ll make it even easier: Follow these two steps…or three if you’re a real go-getter.

  • Pick a place to keep your photos (that is not your phone or a memory card).  It can be the photo service that came with your computer operating system. It can be a free service like Google Photos, an add-on service like Amazon Prime Photo, or a paid cloud service like Forever. I won’t go into all the reasons today why one is vastly better than the others but I will say that I use Forever and LOVE it.
  • Now round-up all your photos. Places they may be hiding: your phone, your camera, your email, your Facebook, cloud, pictures, photo, random memory cards. And those are JUST the digital photos. If you want to organize ALL your photos you’ll need to track down all of those random print photos as well.
  • Last, if you are feeling really motivated and tracked down all of your print photos…the next step would be to get them digitized. Hopefully, you have someone locally that can do the work for you. If not there are several services I’ve used in the past that are trustworthy and do a fantastic job. I’ll go over them in a future post.

That’s it. That’s your best, first step to organizing your photos. Just get everything in one place.

It sounds so simple but it is the foundation for any sort of organizing you’ll want to do throughout this year and beyond. Once you have your photos all together you can start making choices about what to keep and what to toss…and that my friend is all there is to organizing.

I’m excited to help you on your journey to get organized. Please do not feel overwhelmed. It’s just following a series of small steps. It’s amazing to me all the energy and stress that gets put into organizing. Just keep breathing and following the steps. There is NO right way only your way so be kind to yourself. If you don’t like the way your organization product turns out…do it another way. And if it should get really crazy, I’m always here to help.


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