Organization Ideas For Non-Organizers


Even the most organized homes have areas or members that refuse to embrace the idea of order. The non-organizers. In my house it is my husband, who I loving call “the master of the mess.” I’m always trying to impress on him the glory of organization but somehow he refuses to embrace my obsession. Hopefully, you’ll have better luck. In the meantime, here are some organization ideas for non-organizers.


My husband has a bunch of baseball cards he has had since childhood.


He claims he wants to save them because they “might be worth something…someday.” I say he’s full of hooey.

A lot of people fall into the trap of saving things for “someday” or they put off doing that organizing project until “someday.” I say they are full of hooey.

Let’s take the plastic box full of baseball cards as our example. For the sake of argument let’s say that in this box is a baseball card worth potentially $1 million dollars. How on worth would the hubs know that? He is a very smart man but I doubt he remembers every card that is in this box.

I’ll even stretch this argument further and pretend that the card is in this box and he remembers it…look at how these are stored! In a plastic box, in a hodgepodge jumble, getting beaten up with every jostle, the acid in the paper slowly destroying the integrity of the card and fading the color. This is no way to treat a prize possession, a potential million dollar investment.

How much better would it be if he took the time to sort and store these cards properly? He could eliminate useless cards, preserve potentially valuable cards, and display cards that were special to him.
 All it would take is an afternoon, an acid-free box, and the willingness to let go of the “someday” mentality.

When you find yourself putting off that organizing project to “someday” ask your self why. What is keeping you from revealing something of real value beneath a lot of stuff?


In the case of the hubs, I believe, it’s because he doesn’t want to make a mistake. He doesn’t want to get rid of something that is potentially valuable. I understand. That would stink.

My thought to him is that stored as it is….it all has no value. If he took the time to sort it he might find a real treasure buried beneath a lot of somedays.

What reason do you give for not wanting to get organized?


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