Digital Photo Gift Ideas

Want to create fun, unique gifts that will warm the hearts of friends and family?

Heck ya, Hodgepodge Girl!!


Yay! Let’s digitize your family photos!!!!


I get that I’m one of the few people you know who openly admit to being obsessed with digitizing your family photos…ok…I’m the only person you know. But hear me out…it’s fun AND easy AND you can make really cool, unique stuff for yourself and to give as gifts. Today, I’m going to give you a few ideas of the fun stuff you can make using your digital photos.

My top tips before making anything is to honor copyright laws, they’re no joke AND check Groupon because they have crazy deals on photo products.

Okay! Now to the fun part.


I like to start my photo gift projects with creating a folder on my desktop (easy to find) and add the photos I’m thinking of using for my item. Then I spruce up the photos; editing, cropping, adjusting the filters. Once I’ve got the photo the way I like it, I decide on what kind of gift would work best for the digital image I have. There are SO many ways you can create a unique gift but I’ve listed a few of the VERY successful gifts I’ve given to friends and family using my digital photos.

I hope this inspires you to create some wonderful, unique photo gifts from your own digital library.



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