When asked about why I’m so passionate about preserving family photo legacies I have an easy answer. Your story matters.My step by step guide to organizing the hodgepodge of your family's print photos into a legacy that will last for generations.My story of stepping out of the shadows to pursue my passion.
Preserving Your Family HistoryHodgepodge Girl's Guide to Organizing Your Family's Print PhotosAre You Hiding Yourself?
When you think about material goods there are none so packed with drama as the family photo. The holders of these objects are attached to the people, the event, the packaging, not to mention the multitude of expectations that are attached to each image.Organizing your family photos is a way of honoring your family, your history and providing future generations with a strong foundation of who they are and where they came from. It’s an invaluable act of service that would make a precious gift to your family.A quick look of the how and why I became a photo organizer.
It's Not About The StuffHow to Organize Your Family PhotosMe & My Grandpa