Save Your Photos From Natural Disasters

They lost everything…

My heart breaks for everyone who is the victim of a natural disaster. I just want to use this opportunity to remind you once again…Please, Please digitize your family photos and store them in a cloud based service. I don’t care which one. If you need recommendations, please email me. Do not let the lingo scare you. Do not feel overwhelmed. Just do it. Save your family memories. The wonderful people at APPO and NAPO can help you devise a plan to organize and protect one of your most treasure possessions. Please don’t wait until it’s too late.


About The Hodgepodge Girl

Meghan wants to live in a world where every family is proud of their unique history. As a certified photo organizer, she’s been featured in magazines and online publications. When she’s not organizing the heck out of everything, you can find her enjoying time outside with her family and pocket beagle, Scout. Her next project — The Hodgepodge Girl’s Tips for Organizing Family Print Photos — hits the shelves in mid-2017. Find out how to organize your family’s photos at


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